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Forge Web is an Orange County web design company that produces award winning websites and money making strategies.

With over 10 years of professional experience, we continue to push the envelope and produce the most cost effective customer acquisition strategies for companies online as well as offline. Fill out the form below and contact us today for a no risk consultation to find out how we can grow your business.

Services we provide over 75 companies and professionals in Orange County alone.

We draw on our experience, services and proven process to deliver solutions to support today's evolving online, mobile and social-centric marketplace.

Web and Graphic Design

  • Information architecture
  • Usability studies
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Style guides


  • Social media strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website analytics
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization


  • eCommerce and mobile
  • Facebook applications
  • Client and server side development
  • Hosting and moderation
  • Blogging
  • Administration Panel
    The Administration Panel provides access to the control features of your CMS. Each Administration Panel is presented in sections, the header, the main navigation, the work area, and the footer. The Dashboard tells you about recent activity both at your site and provides access to updating.
  • User Management
    User-levels to control user-access to different features, so you can restrict the ability of individual users to create or modify content in your weblog, by changing their user-level. Each user can define a profile, with details such as their email address, instant messaging aliases etc, if they want to. Users can also control the way in which their details are displayed on the website.
  • RSS Feeds
    The RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and ATOM specifications are fully supported, and what's more, just about any page on your website has an associated feed that your readers can subscribe to - there's a feed for the latest posts, for categories, comments, well, like we said earlier, for anything you want. The more options your readers have to keep track of different sections of your website, the easier it is for you to grow your brand.
  • Media Library
    Media is the images, video, recordings, and files, you upload and use in your website. Media is typically uploaded and inserted into the content when writing a Post or writing a Page. The Media Library SubPanel allows you to edit, view, and delete Media previously uploaded to your blog. Multiple Media objects can be selected for deletion. Search and filtering ability is also provided to allow you to find the desired Media.
  • Blog
    Blogs are typically used by individuals or peer groups, but are occasionally used by companies or organizations as well. Content is the raison d'ĂȘtre for any website. Retail sites feature a catalog of products. University sites contain information about their campuses, curriculum, and faculty. News sites show the latest news stories. Without some sort of updated content, there is little reason to visit a web site more than once.
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Content Management better than any other software of its kind.

An award winning content management system (CMS) is critical for your business online because it enables you to keep track of every piece of content on your website, whether it's text, photos, music, video, documents and just about anything else you can think of. More imporetantly it requires almost no technical skills or knowledge to manage.

  • Ping-o-Matic
    Update search engines automatically when you update your website; maximum exposure for your website to search.
  • Manage Your Pages
    Pages allow you to manage all your content easily, so for example you could have a static "About" page that you manage through the CMS.
  • Easy Text Formatting
    Intelligently convert plain ASCII into typographically correct XHTML entities. This means no HTML skills necessary.
  • Full Analytics and Reporting Offering
    Included reporting suite provides visibility into the store performance to enable actionable changes to react to your customers needs, and integrations with Google Analytics and Website Optimizer allow for further insight into store performance and the ability to run A/B and Multi-Variate tests.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Attract new customers with Search Engine Friendly(SEF) URL structure and SEO tools. Built from the ground up to support SEO, auto-generate SEF URL's, even down to the links in the Layered Navigation, sitemaps for search engine submission as well as for display on site, and a popular search terms page. Gain further control by using the URL Rewrite tool to specify the exact structure of specific product pages, and take control over the Meta information using intuitive administration interface.
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
    Flexible pricing rules enable the efficient creation of a variety of promotions to increase conversion rates. Coupled with powerful tools such as Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, and more to to increase Average Order Value, our suite of powerful marketing tools provide the functionality and ease-of-use to increase your online sales.
  • Site Management
    Usable interface allows for efficient management of your online channel. Manage multiple stores from one administration panel, including the ability to manage localized/international versions of your sites.
  • Catalog Management
    Manage the fully dynamic catalog via the intutive admistrative interface. The flexible catalog system includes various options for the display of items, while products can also be imported and exported for batch updates offline.
  • Catalog Browsing
    Robust feature-set and flexible frontend allow for highly usable sites with 100% customizability. Features such as Layered Navigation, Product Comparison and Reviews & Ratings allow customers to find the product right for them.
  • Product Browsing
    Flexible merchandising engine allows for product catalogs to be set up to support your business and the up-sell, cross-sell and related items increase average order values.
  • International Support
    A fully global platform, allowing for the expansion of business or simply offering multiple versions of your site to meet the specific needs of customers. Translated into over 60 languages and supporting multiple currencies, taxes and payment methods, allowing for full internationalization of your online channel.
  • Checkout
    Guest Checkout, an intuitive and efficeient one-page checkout process and the ability to integrate with a variety of payment gateways and alternative payment methods makes the checkout process a breeze for your customers. Allow customers to ship items to multiple addresses, input gift messages and more, all in a secure checkout process.
  • Shipping
    Flexible offerings to be tailored to the way you ship. Display real-time carrier rates, with support for account specific rates, flat or table rates to your customers. Free shipping discounts can be created for order amounts, or as part of specific marketing promotions, and the ability for customers to ship items in an order to multiple addresses is sure to increase sales of gift purchases.
  • Payment
    Integrated with a variety of major payment gateways out of the box, as well as alternative payment methods from PayPal, Amazon and Google. Customers can also pay via check/money order, or purchase order and additional payment extensions are available.
  • Customer Service
    Increase customer satisfaction with the self-service and backend tools included. Customers can access feature-rich accounts to view order statuses and receive tracking information directly on the site, as well as submit requests via the contact us form. Customer Service agents are able to view customer account information, including not only the order history, but also items in customers' shopping carts and wishlists, to effectively answer questions and complete orders for customers.
  • Customer Accounts
    Beyond Customer Self Service, Accounts offer your customers the ability to save items to a wishlist and share with friends and family, access and edit their contact information and address book, and view their Ratings & Reviews and Product Tags.
  • Order Management
    View orders, create invoice/receipt and shipment records for Sales Orders and issue Credit Memos (refunds) for customers. Customers can re-order previous orders from their account, while administrator users are able to view full order histories and create orders in the backend.
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Changing the face of eCommerce one business at a time.

We use the best eCommerce Platform on the planet; powerful yet stable, easy to deploy, maintain, upgrade and scales as your business grows. Our solution open to your needs, ready to scale, an absolute necessity in today's eCommerce marketplace. Whether you're a small business looking to expand to the web or a large multi-channel retailer looking to upgrade your online presence, we're your premier platform for growth.

  • Increase Control
    Control every facet of your store, from merchandising to promotions and more.
  • Increase ROI
    Our open eCommerce business solution yields a superior tool at a reasonable cost.
  • Increase Growth
    We're constantly focusing on how you can boost revenue and the features that will enable you.
  • Full Analytics and Reporting Offering
    Track sales and conversions. Measure your site engagement goals against: threshhold levels that you define.
  • Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking
    Find out whether your site usage metrics underperform or outperform those of your industry. Opt-in benchmarking compares your key metrics against aggregate performance metrics while preserving the confidentiality of your data. Understand visitor intent, find out what your customers are really looking for and speed up time to conversion.
  • Customized Reporting
    Isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. Select from predefined custom segments such as "Paid Traffic" and "Visits with Conversions" or create new custom segments with a flexible, easy-to-use segment builder. Apply segments to current or historical data and compare segment performance side by side in reports.
  • Visualizing Data
    Visualize your conversion funnel. Fix leaks by seeing which pages result in lost opportunities and where your would-be customers go. Identify your most lucrative geographic markets.
  • Sharing and Communicating
    Schedule or send ad-hoc personalized report emails that contain exactly the information you want to share. Control how sensitive data is shared and which reports are available to users on your account.
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Enterprise-class web analytics and targeted ads to acquire new customers right now.

We offer enterprise-class web analytic solutions that provide you with rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness through powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use features. You'll be able to analyze your traffic prepared with what's necessary to be competitive, to write better-targeted ads, to strengthen your marketing initiatives and increase conversion rates on your websites. No matter what your budget, we'll also be able to connect you with potential customers at the precise moment they're searching for your products or services, reaching over 80% of internet users in the United States.

  • Are You Reaching Goals?
    Track sales and conversions. Measure your site engagement goals against threshhold levels that you define.
  • eCommerce Tracking
    Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your revenue sources.
  • Target Your Audience
    Target your ads to only show to people searching in a particular state, city or region and specify pay per click or impression.

Some of our web design clients in Orange County.

We make it a priority to work with our local business community in Orange County and try to help bring awareness to our client products and services while also offerring special introductory pricing to make our services more affordable.


  • ABF Performance

    Lake Forest
  • Car Aid

    Santa Ana
  • CarrTech

    Mission Viejo
  • CDesign, LLC

  • Crown Moto USA

  • DP Tint

    Laguna Hills
  • Driving Concepts

    Capistrano Beach
  • Fleet Direct

  • Forman Performance

    Costa Mesa
  • IForged Alloys

  • GoTuning Unlimited

  • Mc Leod Industries

  • OC Auto Enthusiast

  • SoCal Mercedes Parts

  • South Coast Subaru

    Costa Mesa
  • Team SCS

    Costa Mesa
  • Twilltech

  • TW Tinting

    Santa Ana
  • Velocity Motoring

  • Visionary Composites

  • Wheel Power

    Huntington Beach


  • Amy Gu

  • OhdeCologne

    Newport Beach
  • Show Me Your Mumu

    Newport Beach

    Laguna Beach


  • Harvey & Company

  • Mercury Ventures

  • RateSpeed

  • Shared Success

  • Sheer Money

  • xBanker



  • Grobaty & Pitet

  • Sehat Law

  • Su Amigo Legal



  • All About Me Brushes

    Costa Mesa
  • Aria Home Collection

    Mission Viejo
  • Bunk Bed Buy

    Laguna Niguel
  • Cocavin Ranch

    Newport Beach


  • Gated Distribution

    Huntington Beach
  • Maxon Paintball

    Laguna Hills
  • Orange Coast Crossfit

    Costa Mesa
  • Quiksilver Performance

    Costa Mesa
  • Roxy Athletix

    Costa Mesa


  • AnyDATA Corp.

  • AnyTrack Corp.

  • AVST

    Costa Mesa
  • Govplace

  • myContactCard

    Laguna Niguel
  • NanoMega Medical

    Newport Beach
  • SalesWare CRM

    Laguna Niguel
  • SalesTactix

    Mission Viejo
  • Toshiba